Tender and Subcontractors

Quality Assurance Policy | Tender and Subcontractors

Tenders and bids for subcontract assignments  will be announced in a timely manner as appropriate based on the nature of work to be performed. All individuals/companies that seek to perform subcontract assignments will be selected ONLY from persons/groups that meet the set for all employees and independent contractors. This will include but is not limited to: employment verification; background check; verification of licenses and credentials; reported safety violations, incidents, etc. All customers will be notified in advance of engaging a subcontractor. We utilize a comprehensive Subcontractor  Management Plan.

The Risk Manager  will perform a formal safety review of the subcontractor. The scope of the review was commensurate with the hazards and risk exposure. Subcontractor has been/will be oriented to the safety policies, expectations and requirements of consistent with OSHA, industry standards and local safety and building codes. The subcontractor agrees to abide by our Drug and Alcohol policy and onsite safety rules throughout  the duration of the work.

Subcontractor Involvement:

  • Attend a safety orientation, pre-job meeting or kick-off meeting provided by the Contracted Company prior to initiating work.
  • Monitor employees for substance abuse and report nonconformities to company policies.
  • Ensure personnel have the required training and competency for their work.
  • Participate in  tailgate safety meetings, job safety analysis or hazard assessments and on the job safety inspections.
  • Perform a pre-job safety inspection that includes equipment inspection.
  • Participate in the BBS hazard reporting system
  • Report all injuries, spills, property damage incidents and near misses
  • Comply with onsite and Owner Client safety rules
  • Implement the company’s safety practices and processes as applicable
  • Clean up and restore the worksite after the job is over
  • Ensure compliance with regulations at all times
  • Post job safety performance reviews shall be conducted for subcontractors.