Quality Assurance Policy | Tender and Subcontractors

Quality Assurance Policy

Our Companies use a quality assurance policy based on ISO9001/2008 in order to maintain a high standard of quality is achieved on each and every project undertaken. Individual, project specific, Project Execution Plans (PEP) are compiled for use throughout the project duration  which include Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and is open for audit at any point of the ongoing project. We also implement a QA checking system detailed in our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) where the project is consistently audited by responsible staff to assure a constant level of quality. Quality is maintained throughout all phases of the project.

Regular reporting to the client is undertaken as required and where appropriate and necessary the client will be advised as to the current position of the project together with the company QA & QC manager’s recommendations and how to proceed.

A series of checks and evaluations are carried out at each stage of the project in accordance with the recommendations of the QA & QC manager sand the specific client requirements for each project. The project will not proceed to the next stage unless all parties are in agreement that the requirements have been discharged.