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A major source of our success can be attributed to the founder and leader of Omega Medical Management, LLC, Valso General Trading Company and Mercury Logistics, LLC.  It was his vision, business acumen and proven track record that led him to assemble a team of like-minded professionals who were also committed to going above and beyond to provide products and services that meet and/or exceeded customer expectations.

Mr. Davis has a wealth of expertise in multiple areas and has a proven track record as an innovative, forward-thinking logistical leader. He is a retired military officer that in part accounts for his strong sense of integrity and fairness. He has traveled around the globe and has developed a keen insight into the diverse business needs; communication styles and traditions of multiple cultures.  His background includes but is not limited to:

*Established a 15 year record as a leader in logistics operations, and have earned a reputation as a concept pioneer, by designing plans for facility work areas that improved efficiency of operations; as an individual who can innovate management strategy and new logistical concepts; and draft new management policy that is worthy of companywide implementation.  History includes effective inventory analysis, contract coordination, spearheading major logistic projects during peace and wartime, profitability enhancement, and employee development.  Experience includes on-going successes in the areas of safety, employee retention, team morale, and team productivity.

  • L3 Communications, Washington, D.C./with Duties in Iraq Logistics Manager and Contracts Officer, Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP IV); Provides technical and management services assistance to include: request for contractor support, logistics management, logistics operations, contingency operations planning, and technical analysis for well over 100,000 Soldiers and Contractors in the Iraqi Theater of Operations.
  •  Selected as the Logistics Management Specialist (LMS) to support the new Department of State (DOS) / Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq (OSC-I) base at Umm Qasar, Iraq. Responsible for standing up this base through the initiation and monitoring to completion, 48 LOGCAP Basic Life Support Services as provided by the selected Army Sustainment Command (ASC) and LOGCAP Contractor.

PFIZER, INC., Memphis Logistics Distribution Center, Memphis, TN 10+ Years

Manager: Selected to lead Pfizer’s newly acquired Generic Products Division with over $1 billion in inventory.

  • Developed and implemented management directives to guide operational growth, profitability, logistical efficiency and personnel development for this logistics division.
  • Controlled all phases of purchasing, warehousing, distribution, and inventory tracking control.
  • Performed trend analysis to develop cost reductions proposals in distribution, and packaging.
  • Developed and implemented management directives and multimillion dollar operating budgets.
  • Ensured the facility was in compliance with DEA, FDA, OSHA and other federal regulations.
  • Market presence increased from 33 in 2004 to number 5 in 2007 in U.S. generic drug sales.
  • Team recipient of the Healthcare Distribution Management Associations (HDMA) Diana Award for best new product introduction in the generic category.
  • Manager Pharmaceutical Trade Products Division (1998 to 2003):  Managed day to day logistical operations for Domestic and International Order Processing and Shipments, $14B annually; managed Free Drug/Indigent Care Distribution Program of over $200 Million and processed 75% of all Returned Goods (Reverse Logistics).  Maintained and purchased warehouse equipment and supplies; accountable for over $  500 Million in inventory.