Our Services


  • General Logistics- Let us figure it out for you. Project Management services designed to provide you with practical solutions for your  complex and challenging business concerns.
  • Global Transport Services- Import/Export specialists for a variety of products and equipment from  general merchandise, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive, heavy equipment, medical supplies, diagnostic equipment, ambulances, cranes, excavation equipment and select specialty devices.
  • Business Consulting and Training. Experts available to assist in the development of new business startup,  customer service,  market development; specialty certifications. Facilitate training and certification on Crowd/Riot Control; Customer Service; Sanitation and Waste Treatment.
  • Staff Recruitment/Development: We bring the experts and professionals to you. Short-term and long-term solutions for specialty staffing needs in the medical and business industries. We can help you locate qualified doctors, nurses, and other professionals as needed.
  • Immigration/Residency Services- Assist individuals and groups in navigating the system required for individuals to obtain and meet established residency requirements in the Kurdistan region.  Includes an introduction to life in the region; local resources and general cultural awareness information.